VideoUnion - the Russian analogue of the TrueConf server solution or the Zoom cloud solution
Security guarantee, reasonable price, wide range of functions, fast company integration
Rental price (for one user per year)
from 5,500 rubles
1,200 rubles
Perpetual license cost per user
from 17,000 rubles
5,000 rubles
Unified Register of Russian Computer Programs and DBs
Video Protocol
Audio Protocol
Opus, iSAC, Speex, G.711, G.722, G.723.1, G.728, G.729
HD quality support
4K-quality support in a group conference
Improving speech quality
Server management via web interface
Operating systems
Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, iOS
Windows, Linux
Address book with contact statuses
Public chat/Private chat
Remote control of the partner's desktop
Desktop display ability
File Transfer
Number of participants on the screen at the same time
no less than 36
no less than 36
Ability to put each conference participant in a separate window
Personal or general address book
H.323 / SIP / RTSP
Integration with ECM/CRM/ERP
via API
Autonomous operation in private networks
SSL cryptographic protocol
Minimum channel bandwidth for participation in an audio conference
no more than 16 kb/s
no more than 16 kb/s
Minimum channel bandwidth for participation in a videoconference
no more than 32 kb/s
no more than 32 kb/s
Resolution and fps stream adaptation (SVC)
UDP Multicast support
LDAP user authorization support
Quick user registration in the system by following the link
Currently we are intensively developing

1) H.323 protocol support
2) RTSP protocol support
3) Mac OS X system support
4) Android system support
5) iOS system support

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